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How To Remove Carpet Bleach Stain in Orlando FL.
carpet dyeing · 24. August 2021
Many carpet owners do not know that once bleach has been spilled in carpets, that carpets can be restored via the Carpet Dyeing Process. At DyeBold, we follow the DyeBold system to add the dyes that were originally removed by the chemical. The process is odorless, fast, and saves time and money over the cost of replacing the carpets. Our dyes are highly concentrated, strong enough to re-dye strong colored Persian rugs, yet by using a fraction of the amount, can be used to dye any color of...

Carpet Side Match Correction Feather Blending
Carpet Side Match Correction  · 06. August 2021
Carpet dyeing is a common and frequently utilized solution for homeowners, business owners, and property managers alike in the San Jose, CA area to correct seam color differences in newly installed carpets. Seam color differences are often referred to as sidematch issues,