Specialty Rug Restoration

Rug restoration is performed by our specialty division, The Rug Colorist. 


As the specialty rug division of DyeBold, we have extensive experience in restoring rugs of all types, colors and patterns. Restoration is typically done at our Studio in Florida, where we receive rugs from throughout the US and even overseas. 


However, when it is not feasible to remove rugs, The Rug Colorist will perform restoration on location. We have worked with clients all over the world, from interior designers, to collectors, owners, rug cleaners, rug dealers and importers. 


For more info about The Rug Colorist, click here. 

We restore rugs that have been damaged by the sun, chemicals, dye bleed or spills from drinks and unknown substances. 


We also offer custom overdyeing services, to change the color of the rug by carefully measuring the color difference and applying the dyes to the rugs.  

Color Loss

Rugs can lose color due to sunfading, chemical bleaching, or due to improper rug cleaning. We restore the color by neutralizing any chemical needed and carefully calculating the color that had been removed, to beautifully restore the rug. 

Drinks and Pet stains

Rugs can be stained by any liquid containing synthetic and organic dyes and colorants, including by coffee, wine and Koolaid spills, and pet stains. Sometimes the stain binds to the rug, or sometimes, as in the case of pet stains, the pet urine can add a yellow tint to the fibers, and then within 3 days, as the urine turns alkaline, it can bleach out the rug. 

Using the proper procedure, we can treat the stains and restore the rugs original color by re dyeing. 

Custom color

We provide custom matching service to match your rug to any desired color. This is a very sought after service especially by interior designers as they look to have the rug be in that perfect color for their clients.