How To Remove Carpet Bleach Stain in Orlando FL.


I know all too well the desperation of the caller who has just spilled bleach on the carpet and needs to know what to do. Many times, by the time I get the call, the caller has already tried all the tricks they have found on the internet about how to remove that ugly carpet bleach stain, as the call I just received from a homeowner in Orlando, FL. If that is you, know that you are not alone. Thankfully, you don't have to just live with that ugly bleached carpet. We are experts in dyeing carpets that have been bleached, and serve Orlando, FL and all the surrounding area. 


Every day countless carpet owners, property managers and cleaning companies search the internet on "How to remove carpet bleach stains". And the internet is full of suggestions on how to restore your bleached carpet. But did you know that most of these can either cause further carpet damage, while others can actually be harmful to your health*?? 


Here I will share with you our process for restoring bleached carpet, but first let's take a look at what a bleach "stain" is.


Carpet Bleach stains, also called carpet bleach spots, occurs when the carpet is exposed to a bleach or bleaching agent such as Folex, 409 cleaner, bathroom or kitchen cleaner, resulting in a bleaching, or removal of the carpet dye. The only way to restore bleached carpet is to add the dyes that were originally removed by the chemical. **The correct term is bleach spot, which indicates the removal of carpet color.


The process of re dyeing a bleached carpet is both a science and an art and it is a systematic process of best practices we have established throughout the years certification and experience of carpet dyeing. 

NEUTRALIZE BLEACH - First we neutralize the chemical on carpet. It helps tremendously to know what chemical caused the damage, so we can appropriately neutralize the chemical. This process must allow for ample dwell time for the neutralization process to be complete, which will depend on the type and strength of the chemical. Then we thoroughly rinse the carpet fibers and check for any visible carpet damage that may have occurred from the chemical spill. 

Remove Bleach Stains

COLOR ANALYSIS - We then do a systematic color analysis of your carpet. We determine which colors are present in the original carpet and what colors are present in the bleached area.



CHOOSE APPLICATION TOOL - We then bring out the necessary equipment and dyes needed to perform the job. These materials often include dyes, a syringe, and an advanced airbrushing system or the DyeBold Machine, our proprietary carpet dyeing machine.



MIXING THE DYES - The dye mixing then begins. We use the results from the analysis to figure out what colors are missing in the bleached area and mix a custom dye formula necessary to replace them. 

APPLYING THE DYE - The custom dye formula is then heated, mixed with a chemical that helps it set, and then applied to the carpet with a syringe or airbrushing system. The carpet is groomed for consistency.

FINE DETAILING - Lastly, we focus on the fine details that are barely noticeable. The fine details ensure that the carpet looks entirely uniform and consistent. The carpet then drys. That’s it!


Once the carpets have been dyed, they can be walked on immediately with no color transfer. Dyed carpets can be cleaned as normal, however, we do recommend that you avoid cleaning methods that make use of alkaline (high ph) products, or carpet cleaning methods that leave soapy residue in the fibers, which can damage the carpet. 


So if you spill bleach on a carpet, do not panic and contact DyeBold Carpet Dyeing for your bleached carpet in Orlando, FL right away. We are certified and have extensive experience in offering 100% color restoration services in both California and Florida. Besides carpet dyeing, we are also experts at removing stubborn stains that are deemed by carpet cleaners as being "permanent", such as coffee, wine and Koolaid stains, pet accidents, etc. So if you have any type of carpet damage, from bleached to stained carpets, you can get an estimate here:




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Stay tuned for our next article, which will guide you in what to do when you spill bleach on your carpet...

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