Carpet Bleach Stain Restoration

Carpet bleach stains cannot be removed. What? "Why not?" you may ask?

Because a bleached carpet is the result from the bleaching of the carpet dyes, where the chemical literally causes the carpet dyes to lose color, resulting in a faded area in the carpet.

But a bleached carpet can be restored. How? By re dyeing of the area. 


A bleached carpet typically looks like a yellow stain area on the fibers, as seen in the photo. *This color loss resulted from stain removal attempts from in house cleaning crew at 5 star hotel. However, bleached carpets can also look more of a white or even a orange color. 


How Do Carpets Get Bleached?

Carpets can get bleached in many different ways, from accidental spills, to cleaning attempts, dye defects and even atmospheric reactions with the dyes. The majority of bleached carpet cases can be corrected, with the exception of the cases where the chemical spills have destroyed the dye sites.  

  • Accidental spills of bleach or any cleaning products containing bleach: . Usually this happens when a cleaning product that contains bleach is being used to clean areas adjacent to the carpet, and in the process of carrying the container from one room to another, the product drips on the carpet. The effects of the bleaching agent typically is seen within minutes of the spill.
  • Carpets Can Get Bleached From Contractors: Sometimes, carpets get bleached as a collateral damage resulting from a contractors' job, such as from Pressure Washing, Pest Control, A/C Repairs, Painting Contractors, and most often, from Cleaning Contractors & Companies 
  • Carpet Stain Removal Using Bleach Products: Carpets can also experience color loss during a stain removal attempt, where the user applies a product that contains bleach to the stain. It is very common for an accidental spill to occur, and the user reaches for the first cleaner in sight, and often times, these are kitchen or bathroom cleaners that contain bleach. When the product has a very low concentration of bleach, it can be a few minutes or even a few hours before the bleaching effect takes place.
  • Carpet Bleaching from Carpet Cleaners: Sometimes, carpets can lose color even with the use of an over the counter (OTC) carpet cleaning product. This can be the result of the user not following proper label directions, which can result in carpet bleach stain. But sometimes, even if the user is using the carpet stain removal product correctly, the spot may bleach out. There area several reasons for carpet bleaching from use of an approved carpet stain removal product.
  • Carpet Manufacturing Defect: Carpets can also lose color prematurely from carpet manufacturing defect (where the dye was not applied or set correctly).
  • UV Ray Damage: Carpets can get sun-faded when exposed to excessive UV rays.
  • Atmospheric Gases Reaction: Carpets can react negatively to gases and their chemical components, which could lead to color loss and even color change (if indicator dyes are present in the carpet dyes). 

 Thankfully, most bleached carpets can be corrected via carpet dyeing. 


Bleached Carpet Restoration Process

  1. We neutralize the chemical and custom match the color to be added to the spots, to restore the original color of the carpet. 
  2. We then do a systematic color analysis of your carpet. We determine which colors are present in the original carpet and what colors are present in the bleached area.
  3. We then bring out the necessary equipment and dyes needed to perform the job. These materials often include dyes, a syringe, and an advanced airbrushing system.
  4. The dye mixing then begins. We use the results from the analysis to figure out what colors are missing in the bleached area and mix a custom dye formula necessary to replace them.
  5. The custom dye formula is then heated, mixed with a chemical that helps it set, and then applied to the carpet with a syringe or airbrushing system. The carpet is groomed for consistency.
  6. Lastly, we focus on the fine details that are barely noticeable. The fine details ensure that the carpet looks entirely uniform and consistent. The carpet then drys. That’s it!

Is Dyed Carpet Permanent?

We use the same type of dyes as carpet manufacturers use, and therefore, dyed carpets are certainly washfast and colorfast, in the same way as the original carpet dyes used by the carpet mills.


Dyed Carpets can be walked on immediately and be cleaned as normal. 


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