Hotel Carpet Dyeing & Stain Removal

Over the years, we have had the privilege to work with various clients, such as

Hotels, Commercial Property Managers, Contractors, Interior Designers, interior designers, Carpet Cleaners, Pressure Washing Companies, Residents & Cleaning Companies including:

  • U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington D.C.
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Miami Beach
  • Wyndham Hotel, Clearwater Beach, FL
  • Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA
  • Aloft of Santa Clara in CA
  • University Club of Washington D.C.
  • Valley Christian Center, Dublin CA
  • Rugs by Reza, Sarasota FL & MORE
  • The Leveredge, Odessa FL
  • Interior Designers & More

Faded Carpets & Bleach Stains

Utilizing state of the art technology, and the highest professional carpet dyes, we can restore any color and pattern of carpets. Restoration process is safe and odorless, and in most cases rooms can be used immediately after restoration.

Unknown & Permanent Carpet Stains

Our extensive knowledge of carpet fibers and damaging & staining chemicals enables us to safely and successfully remove stains that most others consider to be permanent. 

Rug Restoration

We provide on-site rug restoration for faded and stained installed rugs, saving much time and thousands of dollars over the cost of rug replacement. We match all colors and designs with the use of the DyeBold Airbrush System and DyeBold App.