Carpet Sidematch


A sidematch (side match) discrepancy occurs when new carpet is installed, and a visible color difference is noticed at the carpet's seam. This difference can be the result of 1) Color/Hue difference, 2) Pile direction difference 3) Texture difference or 4) Seam peak.


The side match difference is determined via a series of tests, and once determined the carpet colorist can systematically correct the difference.


Most Side Match Discrepancies Are Correctable!

Our Side Match correction services saves customers and carpet manufacturers from the hassle and costly process of having to replace the carpets. *The carpet depicted here is an example of a color side match discrepancy. DyeBold was able to successfully blend the carpet and the seam was no longer visible.  


Color Side Match Correction

Side Match color discrepancy is corrected via the application of dyes, the same dyes used by the carpet manufacturers. The color restoration process is simple and fast. The steps are as follows:


  1. Calculate the color difference between the two sides of the seam, and determine the colors needed to bring the lighter side of the carpet to match the color of the darker side
  2. Create a custom dye solution based on the calculation in step 1, by using the three primary color. Bring the solution to the correct with the correct ph and temperature. 
  3. Systematically apply the dye solution to feather blend the lighter side to the darker side

Carpet Texture Side Match Correction

We can also correct carpets that have a texture difference. The correction is permanent and saves customers, carpet manufacturers and installers from having to needlessly replace the carpets. 


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