Spot Dyeing Repair Process

Neutralizing the Bleach

Neutralizing bleach in the carpet is necessary to ensure the bleach spot will not return. We heat a neutralizing agent and apply it deep into the carpet and padding.

Mixing the Dye Formula

The dye mixing then begins. We use the results from the analysis to figure out what colors are missing in the bleached area and mix a custom dye formula necessary to replace them.

Color Analysis

We then do a systematic color analysis of your carpet. We determine which colors are present in the original carpet and what colors are present in the bleached area.

Applying the Dye

The custom dye formula is then heated, mixed with a chemical that helps it set, and then applied to the carpet with a syringe or airbrushing system. The carpet is groomed for consistency.

Assembling the Tools

We then bring out the necessary equipment and dyes needed to perform the job. These materials often include dyes, a syringe, and an advanced airbrushing system.

Fine Detailing

Lastly, we focus on the fine details that are barely noticeable. The fine details ensure that the carpet looks entirely uniform and consistent. The carpet then drys. That’s it!

Full Room Carpet Dyeing

Unsightly Worn Carpet

This is worn down carpet that has seemingly reached the end of the road. Sunfading and foot traffic has made the carpets color nonuniform and discolored.

ColorRenew™ Carpet Dyeing Process 

After our ColorClean™ carpet cleaning, the carpet is already looking much better. This carpet has had too much color loss to achieve a striking transformation with the cleaning.


After Full Carpet Dyeing


After a full carpet dye, the carpet looks vibrant and fresh again. It does not quite look “new” but it certainly looks and feels like you could use it for years to come.

Watch the Process

Sun Fading Carpet Restoration Process

Bleach Spot Restoration Process

Our Specialty Rug Dyeing Division Airbrushing a Faded Persian Rug

Trained by the Industry Leader in Color Restoration Services

DyeBold is proudly trained by Chris Howell – the industry leader in color restoration. Chris Howell does annual color restoration services for the White House and surrounding federal buildings. Over the course of his career he has restored countless priceless rugs all around the world as well as providing carpet dyeing and bleach repair services in Maryland, US. Drawing from his experience and correspondence, DyeBold seeks to join Mr. Howell in the quest towards excellence and industry leadership. Learn more about Chris Howell and Colorful Carpets by following the link provided.