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How to Fix Bleach Stains in Hotels in Orlando, FL
carpet dyeing · 01. April 2021
How to Fix Bleach Stains in Hotels in Orlando, FL Bleach stains are a nightmare for hotel managers. Stains on carpeting are typically the result of hotel guests or cleaning damaging the carpet, followed by well-meaning but unaware maintenance workers attempting to clean up soiled carpet, oftentimes resulting in carpet discoloration, what we refer to bleach stains. While there are many carpet dyeing solutions and services that can help restore the original luster...

Help! Cleaning Company Bleached My Carpet! In Tampa, FL
carpet dyeing · 25. October 2019
Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever hired cleaning services for your house or office, only to have some "mystery" faded areas on your carpet? One day your carpet is fine, but the next, somehow after the cleaning company leaves, you notice this ugly yellow area in your carpets. And you think: What happened???!!! If this situation has ever happened to you, know that you are not alone. Being a carpet dyer, unfortunately, I have received countless calls from desperate home owners ...