How to Fix Bleach Stains in Hotels in Orlando, FL

How to Fix Bleach Stains in Hotels in Orlando, FL

Bleach stains are a nightmare for hotel managers. Stains on carpeting are typically the result of hotel guests or cleaning damaging the carpet, followed by well-meaning but unaware maintenance workers attempting to clean up soiled carpet, oftentimes resulting in carpet discoloration, what we refer to bleach stains.  While there are many carpet dyeing solutions and services that can help restore the original luster of hotel carpets impacted by bleach stains, there are some less informed property management teams that believe that a quick internet search on how to fix bleach stains in hotel carpets will solve their problems.

Spoiler Alert:  It won’t.

The internet is littered with misinformation, myths, and empty promises on fixing bleach stains – and most of this information will not only prove ineffective, but has the potential to do substantial and significant additional damage to your hotel’s carpets and rugs.  Let’s review the myths and the realities of how to fix bleach stains in hotels and other rental properties.

Myths About Repairing Bleach Stains


Myth #1:  Vinegar Reverses the Process

To understand why this myth is laughably wrong, you need to understand how bleach works.  Bleach removes the pigment in your rug, stripping it of all color. Using vinegar does not magically make the color return – the same can be said for vodka, gin, or baking soda. The only way to reserve the color being removed from a rug is to deposit more color into the carpet fibers.  In other words: You simply can’t DIY your way out of a bleach stain.

Myth #2: Bleach Stains Block Dye

Another common myth about bleach stain repair claims that carpet with bleach staining can never be returned to their original color.  The claim is that the bleach remains in the carpet fiber and as such, the carpet will never be able to retain newly deposited color. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Hiring a knowledgeable carpet dyeing team that understands how to neutralize the chemicals in the carpet and deposit the perfect color will deliver long lasting and beautiful results.

Myth #3:  Patterned Carpets with Bleach Stains Cannot Be Repaired

False.  Simply false.

The common assumption when facing a bleach stain on patterned hotel carpets has always been to replace the carpet entirely, and nothing could be further from the truth.  While a patterned carpet can pose a distinct challenge for your typical property management team or cut-rate carpet dyeing companies, a knowledgeable and experienced carpet dyeing team such as The Rug Colorist can

meticulously and expertly restore your patterned carpet to its original glory.  The result? Huge savings in time and money.

Better Choices to Fix Bleach Stains


The reality is simple:  You cannot fix bleach stains in your hotel, motel, or rental alone.   While that notion might seem stark, it is important to know that all hope is not lost.  Hiring a team of highly qualified and experienced carpet dyeing experts will save you from replacing your carpets, revive (or reimagine) your carpets, and save you time and money over the life of your flooring.  From our patented carpet dyeing methods to our organic and non-toxic carpet dyes, we will eradicate any glimpse of bleach stain damage to your carpets – regardless the pattern, size of stain, or carpet type. 

At The Rug Colorist, there is no bleach stain that we cannot fix.  Through our combined decades of experience and highly trained team, we will fix bleach stains throughout your hotel, saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary carpet replacement.

Bleach spot removal, carpet dyeing, pattern dyeing, and so much more is available for you today in Orlando, FL and surrounding communities for your hotel, motel, or property rental.  Secure your quality carpet dying services and solutions today by scheduling your informational appointment today.


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