Help! Cleaning Company Bleached My Carpet! In Tampa, FL

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever hired cleaning services for your house or office, only to have some "mystery" faded areas on your carpet? One day your carpet is fine, but the next, somehow after the cleaning company leaves, you notice this ugly yellow area in your carpets. And you think: What happened???!!! 

If your carpet got bleached mysteriously, you are not alone.

If your carpets have ever been mysteriously bleached, you are not alone. Being a carpet dyer, unfortunately, I have received countless calls from desperate home owners and property managers who notice the bleached carpet, and many times, they notice it AFTER the cleaning company has left. 


But that is not surprising. Given the fact that carpet is present in most residences and businesses, if not all of them, it seems that it would be just a matter of time before carpets get bleached accidentally. But what happens when the carpets lose color after the cleaning or janitorial company provides their service? If you have ever been in this position, your fist inclination might be to contact the possible culprit, and you contact the cleaning company and you try to explain that your carpets are bleached, and that you think it was caused by some chemicals  the cleaning company used, only to have them deny that fact altogether. Now, not all cleaning companies would deny this, I have known companies that have owned up to damaging their customers’ carpets, and I know that, because they have contacted DyeBold to restore the client’s carpets. But sometimes, the cleaning contractor denies the claim and it is up to the customer to attempt to fix the carpet damage on their own.   

Finding How to Dye Carpet on Internet

When this happens, the home owner or property manager will turn to the internet to scout for some way  to remove that ugly bleach stain from the carpet. And to their pleasant surprise, they will find many articles explaining and guiding the reader on how to remove that carpet damage. And for a little while they are hopeful that their carpets will be ok.  


But as a certified carpet dyeing professional, let me tell you that many of the articles giving instructions on how to remove bleach stains from carpets area actually outright wrong. Why? For starters, many articles are written by individuals who have no knowledge of carpet care, and are simply re sharing information they have encountered on the internet about how to fix a bleach stain. But if their instruction worked, or even if they made no difference to the carpet, it might even be ok. However, some of these articles written about fixing the bleached carpets can actually cause further damage to the carpet, but more importantly, it can lead to harmful fumes to the person applying the concoction that is supposed to fix their carpets.  


So if you are ever in a situation where your carpets get bleached, whether caused by you or a cleaning company, the first thing to do is to NOT panic. 

Can Bleach Stain Be Removed?

When carpets get bleached, more often then not, the damage is repairable, but not in the way the internet presents the solution, as the way to fix or remove bleach stains. So the simple short answer is.


NO, bleach stains cannot be removed. Why not?


Because a bleached carpet spot is an area of the fiber that has lost dyes, meaning that carpet was actually and literally bleached, much in the same way as a piece of clothing can be bleached by bleach. But although bleach spots cannot be removed, they can be restored. 

So How Is a Bleached Carpet Fixed?

To restore bleached carpets, the lightened carpet fibers have to be re dyed.

How? Via a carpet dyeing process. But not all carpet dyeing is the same. Even though this craft is not new, since it has been around for as long as carpets have existed, because carpet dyeing is such a specialty skill, it can be difficult to locate an experience certified carpet dyer. Most professionals who provide carpet dyeing services, also provide an array of other services, ranging from house cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and even duct cleaning! And therefore, they cannot be highly specialized in one skill, carpet dyeing, when they also provide all those other services. 


As a carpet dyeing professional who focuses 100% in carpet & rug dyeing services, I can report that many who claim to dye carpets are in fact not experienced in providing color restoration, and can many times end up damaging the very carpets they are trying to re dye. 


How do I know that? Simply because I have been contacted countless times by either the carpet cleaner who tried to help out the carpet owner/manager and ended up adding too much of one color or another. But when the carpet is damaged by an inexperienced carpet dyer, typically, the carpets can still be restored, however, since the original botched carpet dyeing job will have to be undone, before being done correctly, the cost to restore the carpets will end up being much higher. 

How To Find Qualified Carpet Dyer?

Carpet Dyeing is both a skill and and art. So when looking for a carpet dyeing professional, look for these attributes:

  • Carpet Dyeing Training - A carpet dyer should have carpet dyeing training. There are several trainings and certifications available, which is the first step in becoming a carpet dyer. However, certifications alone are not sufficient. Because carpet dyeing is also an art, it can take years for this skill to be developed.
  • Carpet Dyeing Length of Experience - That is why you should find out how long a carpet dyer has been restoring carpets. 
  • Carpet Dyeing Specialization - It is not enough to have been dyeing carpets for years. There are many individuals and companies who have been doing so for years, but they are not specialized in carpet dyeing and restoration, meaning that they also clean carpets, homes, tiles and even ducts!!! So from this perspective, it is easy to determine companies and individuals who specialize in carpet dyeing alone. A highly specialized carpet dyer will also be deft at restoring intricate patterns in carpets and rugs. 

Carpet Dyeing in Florida: Tampa FL, Orlando FL, Palm Beach FL, Miami FL, Tallahasee FL

We are proud to say that at DyeBold we focus 100% in carpet dyeing, and have extensive certification in carpet & rug dyeing courses from the leading experts in the industry, as well as extensive knowledge and experience in carpet dyeing. In this photo, we were privileged to restore bleached carpets at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C. We have worked with countless clients throughout the US, from interior designers, to high end hotels and property managers. We serve clients in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Tallahasee, Jacksonvile, Naples FL, Sarasota, Bradenton, Winter Garden, and all throughout US and overseas by request. 


You can check out our certifications and more about our projects here.  

Summary: What To Do When Your Carpets Get Bleached

So in summary, in case you are in a situation where your carpets get bleached, here is what you should know: 

  1. DO NOT throw at the spot random chemicals in an attempt to repair the carpet. This can lead to harmful fumes and can further damage the carpet and can be deadly to health. (Ex: Do not ever mix ammonia and bleach, this fumes are highly toxic and deadly).

  2. Do absorb the bleach spill. Place an absorbent material such as white napkins or white towels to absorb the chemical. 

  3. Contact an experienced carpet dyer. Make sure to check their credentials and experience before having them touch your carpet.


There you have it.


Questions About Carpet Dyeing?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 



You can check out our website for more information about our carpet dyeing services. Also check out our specialty rug dyeing division, The Rug Colorist.

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