Can Carpet Dyeing Restore Faded Carpets in Hotels in Palm Beach Florida


Southwest Florida is the home to many 5 Star Hotels, and one thing these hotels have in common is this: All of them have luxurious carpets that are indispensable to their high end extravagant atmosphere. They wisely chose carpet as part of their floor covering to bring style and comfort to their guests. These carpets are often custom made, multi-colored patterned designs of vibrant or pastel colors, typically designed by interior designers to compliment the hotel brand accordingly, as an integral part of the property's decor of the property, as a way to seeminglessly complement the design as a whole.

The carpets are beautiful and vibrant when first installed, but with time, begin to show signs of aging.

Carpet Color Damage From Fading and Staining

Carpets lose their color from various reasons, ranging from any or a combination of factors such as from: UV rays damage, atmospheric chemical reaction with the fibers, from improper carpet cleaning chemical use and residue, and of course, carpets can be bleach damaged due to bleach spills on carpets.


Carpets also get damaged from stains resulting from spills such as coffee, wine, Koolaid spills. But with the latest social trend development where pets have become part of the family like never before, dogs and even cats are taken on travels with the family, and are hotels are following the trend by allowing the furry family members to stay at the hotels, sometimes limited to only certain rooms. This new trend is contributing to additional carpet damage, from urine and feces stains, to carpet color discoloration.  

These carpet damages are color issues and often times occur before the carpet even wears out or needs to be replaced, making carpets look dirty and old, covered with stains that many times do not come out with carpet cleaning alone. 


This is a problem faced not only by hotels and commercial properties, but also by churches, schools, governmental organizations and residences. 

Carpet Dyeing Can Restore Faded & Dull Carpet

Most hotels and organizations watch their budget closely, and don’t want to replace the carpets since so much was already invested in the initial carpet installation costs. This is where carpet dyeing can provide an immense upside to hotels when the hotel rooms, hallways and conference rooms need a major makover in their carpets. Carpet dyeing of isolated bleached areas, coupled with stain removal techniques can provide the facelift the dingy looking carpets are in need of. Not only that, but carpet dyeing can be used to dye the whole carpet in its entirety, to bring a lightened color to a deeper color or to even change the color of the carpets completely. 

DyeBold Carpet Dyeing services can restore the carpet’s vibrancy and help save hotels from having to prematurely replace the carpets, which saves them actual expenses in the way of dollars, but also, saves them from wasting the time that would be needed to replace the carpets in a whole facility, from moving the furniture, to an immense loss in revenues from not being able to use the facilities, as well as the needless increase in liability a property of that type would have to take on during a carpet replacement process.

Carpet Dyeing Advantages to Replacing Carpets


Carpet restoration services, which include carpet dyeing, stain removal and full room dyeing, has a tremendous advantage over carpet replacement. First, re dyeing the carpets is much faster way give the property beautiful carpets again. It can restore isolated areas on the carpets, such bleached stains, as well as faded areas of the carpets in seemingly random areas of the carpet. Carpet dyeing can also change the whole color of the carpet, which is a great advantage to a property manager, when deciding to upgrade the look of an outdated looking carpet to better match the re-design of a property. 

Professional Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Before replacing carpet that is either stained, discolored or faded, you contact a  qualified carpet dyeing company to help renew your carpets and while helping to reduce waste, to save you time and money. There are a number of services that can restore your carpets:

Spot Dyeing of Bleach Stains and Faded Areas | Stain Removal of Stubborn Stains such as Coffee, Wine and Red Stains | Full Room Color Restoration and Color Change

The dye technician creates a custom blend of dyes to replace the color of the carpet that faded and when the carpet is stained, can treat the stains and implement a carpet dyeing technique to recover the carpet.

DyeBold Carpet Dyeing is a highly qualified, expert carpet dyeing company providing color restoration services in Florida, California and throughout. Read about our certifications here.

DyeBold Carpet Dyeing Services

Carpet & Rug Dyeing, Bleach Stain Removal & Rug Restoration in all of Florida, including:


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